History & Staff

We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Get to Know Us

Get to Know Us

Ford Funeral Service was started in 2003 as an answer to the demand from families in Eastern Oklahoma County for a quality funeral home owned and operated by a family. People saw a need for a funeral home with experience and dedication to its community. Our goal is to provide to you funeral service that is meaningful, appropriate and affordable in both traditional and non-traditional ways. Our mission is service, not the debt reduction of the large corporations, not the return on investment of the diverse group of investors. Our focus is quality, affordable service. It is the sincere hope of the Ford Family and staff that our works will in some way lighten the burden at a time of significant emotional loss. Thank you for supporting Ford Funeral Service and allowing us to continue to serve our communities as a family owned funeral home.   Ford Funeral Service is proud to be the first funeral service provider in the greater Oklahoma City area to have been certified as a GriefRecovery CenterĀ®. This distinctive accreditation allows us to offer a unique balance of the traditional with a fresh approach to Funeral Service that will allow each individual the opportunity to move further towards their own recovery from loss. Our goal is to assist each individual family to design a service that will be meaningful, appropriate, and affordable. Because of our low prices and our unique approach to personal service Ford Funeral Service is serving families all over central Oklahoma.

It is important that you realize that our services are available to you or your family 24 hours a day by calling (405) 677-9990. Ford Funeral Service is normally open between the hours of 8am and 5pm with extended hours for visitation. We are, however, available to assist with your need at any hour. We are located at 305 South Sooner Road in Midwest City, Oklahoma.

Ford Funeral Service is proud to own the only licensed on-site crematory in Midwest City / Del City. What does this mean to your family? That means your loved one does not have to be taken off-site to a warehouse where the cremation is sub-contracted. Ford Funeral Service believes in giving full-service, not just advertising it.

Our Valued Staff

  • Cassie Johnson

    Cassie Johnson Managing Funeral Director / Embalmer

  • Ryan Johnson

    Ryan Johnson Funeral Director / Embalmer

  • Janna Clinton

    Janna Clinton Advanced Planning Specialist - Funeral Director

  • Marcus Crawford

    Marcus Crawford Owner - Funeral Director / Embalmer

  • Wyatt Smith

    Wyatt Smith Apprentice Funeral Director

  • Rachael Landreville

    Rachael Landreville Apprentice Funeral Director

  • Wendell Kluge

    Wendell Kluge Ambassador

  • Mike Fullbright

    Mike Fullbright Ambassador

  • Linda McIver

    Linda McIver Ambassador

  • Sharon Anderson

    Sharon Anderson Advanced Planning Specialist

  • JoAnn Coil

    JoAnn Coil Receptionist / Hostess

  • Dude Youngblood

    Dude Youngblood Ambassador / Chaplain

  • Roger Ford

    Roger Ford Funeral Director / Embalmer

  • James Coil

    James Coil

    In Loving MemorySeptember 26, 1943 - January 31, 2011